what makes us different

Patenteur is utterly unique in the market - all of our professionals have served at large law firms and worked as in-house counsel at large multinationals, but our hearts beat for startups. We’re entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. There is, quite simply, nothing else like us in the Australasian market.


We felt that the traditional patent attorney model was broken, so we decided to re-invent it. To build it from the ground up to offer clients what they really want – global protection at reasonable prices. We offer fixed prices and hassle-free patent protection for your great ideas. Because we’re focused on entrepreneurs, we believe in getting you the most protection for your money.

We provide a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere in which we take the time to get to know you, your aspirations, your vibe, and your plans for the future. Then we build a plan which will bulletproof every single aspect of your business and ideas.


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